Question Why choose an Icey-Tek cooler?

  • Superior roto-molded quality without paying the superior price.
  • Exceptional ice retention capabilities; keeps contents cold for days.
  • Leads the industry in colour options
  • Unmatched Custom Program
  • Tough and reliable, backed up by our hassle-free 5-year warranty

Question What sizes do Icey-Tek coolers come in?
AnswerICEY-TEK Cube Boxes

Capacity (Litres) External Dimensions (mm)
(Length, Height, Width)
Weight (kg)
25L* 460 x 375 x 425 5
40L* 570 x 430 x 460 7
55L* 600 x 465 x 475 9
72L* 680 x 510 x 475 11
82L* 710 x 535 x 505 13
105L* 800 x 565 x 530 14
105D* 800 x 565 x 530 16
135L 860 x 585 x 595 16
185L 985 x 625 x 670 22
300L 1005 x 720 x 640 29
450L 1090 x 800 x 800 35
600L 1340 x 770 x 1030 49
760L 1320 x 860 x 1020 59
1100L 1540 x 1110 x 1170 66

ICEY-TEK Long Boxes

Capacity (Litres) External Dimensions (mm)
(Length, Height, Width)
Weight (kg)
56L* 820 x 420 x 420 10
70L* 860 x 450 x 445 12
90L* 920 x 480 x 480 14
115L* 1100 x 500 x 510 18
160L 1290 x 535 x 540 27
260L 1620 x 585 x 590 30
260D 1620 x 585 x 590 30

* White seat cushions are available for the above indicated cool boxes.

Replacement hinges and latches are available to order.
All ICEY-TEK cool boxes have a full 5-year warranty covering normal wear and tear.

Question What size cooler do I need?
AnswerWhen choosing the right cooler for you, consider how you’re going to use it and what you’re planning to put in it. Remember, if you want to keep your contents cold; you want to fill the cooler with as much ice as possible, minimizing air space to achieve maximum ice retention. If you only have a small number of items to keep cool, you want to choose a smaller ice chest and vice versa.
Question What can I use my Icey-Tek cooler for?

  • All kinds of outdoors activities and adventures:
    • Camping, fishing, and hunting
    • Picnics, BBQs, or a day at the beach
    • On the golf course
    • On the boat
  • Emergency preparedness
    • Keeps food and beverages ice cold when there is no power
  • Medical
    • Ice therapy

Question What are the most important features of Icey-Tek coolers?

  • Available in up to 18 colours to suit all tastes
  • Made to food hygiene standards
  • Superior insulation in walls & lid
  • Strong rubber seal, durable latches & hinges
  • Drainage bungs x2
  • Lockable padlock point
  • Easy carry under the lid
  • Washable with soapy water or easy to hose out – holds no nasty odours or stains
  • We recommend 1 x gel pack per 20L capacity or one-third loose ice for optimal performance

Question What colours do Icey-Tek coolers come in?
AnswerIcey-Tek coolers are available for immediate shipment in the colours listed on the individual product page. A full range of colour options can be found on our About page and are available for special order. Please Contact us for more information.
Question What commercial uses exist for Icey-Tek coolers?
AnswerIcey-Tek coolers keep your vendor products cold or warm when transporting or selling at markets, festivals, and sporting events.
Question What industries rely on Icey-Tek coolers?

  • Marketing / Branding / Promotions
  • Retail
    • Outdoor Adventure
    • Fishing / Hunting
    • Sporting Good
    • Boating / Personal Watercraft
  • Food and Beverage
    • Ice Cream Vendors
    • Breweries / Wineries
  • Hospitality
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Farming
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Marine
  • Trucking
  • Emergency Preparedness

Question What sort of insulation do your iceboxes have?
AnswerWe pressure inject medium density ICI polyurethane into our iceboxes which is similar to that used in your fridge at home.
Question Can we use the icebox as a seat in our boat?
AnswerYes there is no problem with that in fact you can jump on the lid of these iceboxes without damaging them.
Question How long will the ice last in your iceboxes?
AnswerWe tell people that they can expect to get up to 5 days using block ice but we have had ice that has lasted 10 days in 33 degree celsius heat. It all depends on the way your icebox is packed, the ice you use and the environment you are in so here is a basic idea of how we advise you to get the maximum performance out of your Icey-Tek icebox.
Make your own block ice using plastic containers (the older the ice the longer it will last) then 1/3 fill your icebox with the block ice and put your food and drink in, preferably from the fridge as if put in hot the ice will melt quicker. We recommend that you loosen off one of the bungs slightly so the melted ice can drain off as we have found that when the ice has water around it the ice seams to melt faster. Storing the icebox in the shade and minimizing the opening of the lid will keep everything nice and cold for days. A good quality Icey-Tek gel pack will also assist in keeping the ice from melting especially if you choose to use party ice.
Question Are your iceboxes suitable for storing food inside?
AnswerYes, we use approved food grade inner liners that will not retain any odours. We have fish mongers that use our iceboxes to export fish interstate and overseas.
Question Can I use dry ice in the icebox?

Yes you can use dry ice in our iceboxes without any problem.

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